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Much more than a vacation home in Liguria or Langhe: Vayadù is your space to find inspiration.

Portrait of Floriana, owner of Vayadù, as she opens the front door and welcomes her guests.

Hi, I am Floriana and my desire is offering to all women around the world a space to relax and find inspiration and creative energy.

I choose houses situated in the most beautiful natural sorroundings of the Riviera di Ponente and the Langhe. I bring into these spaces light, beauty, comfort and attention to detail, small inspirations that reveal my love for dance.

a holiday home on the ligurian Riviera or among row of vines in the Langhe?

Whether you are dreaming of a wide open window on Alassio promenade, of the wind in your hair on Sanremo cycle track or a weekend in the Langhe hills, among wineries and breathtaking landscapes… Vayadù always has a home for your retreat.

You will find a special atmosphere. Uno spazio nato per rigenerare, tornare a sé, ritrovare ispirazione e ritmo con lentezza e meraviglia.

A woman from behind sitting on a small terrace facing the sea, looks towards the horizon.

Beyond the smartbox, Vayadù gift card: give a Liguria that regenerates

If the atmosphere you breathe in these pages made you think of a woman you cherish to whom you would like to give some time to herself (or with you!)… with Vayadù you can do it.

It may be your mother, who will take care of herself. Or your beloved sister, with whom you will rediscover the happiness of the simple things you have always loved doing together. Or your best friend, the one who has always been there and will always be there: with her, time is never enough and sometimes you need an escape together. Or you can just be the addressee of this gift card, because the time has come to give your life a gift, to say thank you and take some time for yourself to take stock.

A Vayadù gift card is an entrance ticket into my houses, into a suspended space-time, full of beauty and inspiration, in which you leave behind the “I have to” to open up to the “I want to”.

A room in Alassio to dream

Floriana, owner of Vayadù, hands her guests the key to their room in Alassio.

If for your seaside holiday you prefer a comfortable and functional room that retains all the charm of an old holiday home, Vayadù Guest House awaits you all year long.

Just a few steps from the station, the “Muretto” of Alassio and the sea, it overlooks the rooftops of the village and blends with its life.

From the blog “STROLLING WITH FLO”

Vayadù houses are in Liguria and Langhe, because I find inspiration and rhythm in the enchantment of these places.

In the blog “Strolling with Flo” I take you for a walk with me. I suggest you to encounter the beauty of these areas, to discover the treasures that each season gives and to be inspired by nature and the creativity of other women.

A glimpse of the Alassio promenade. In the distance we can see the figure of Floriana from behind, who is jumping for joy.


Freestyle cultivates wonderful relationships with those who are close to Vayadù, even when they are far away. With those who have been my guests, with the women I met or simply with those who sit and watch the sky next to me.

This newsletter has the slow rhythm of old-fashioned correspondence: it arrives every two months, but it is full of the desire to share, like a letter from a friend.
I will tell you about new awareness, the changing of the seasons and what is happening in my corner of the world.

I will never stop waiting for you and from here you will always know when there is a special occasion to join with me.
It will also be a way for you to never miss my latest blog post and to be inspired by a dance step… a passion that always beats within me.



Inside me lives a dancer who would never stop dancing. That is why I would like to give a special welcome to all the people from the performing arts who enter my world. Dancers, actors, singers, set designers, circus performers, stage and sound technicians: you are special guests here.

For every two nights spent at one of the Vayadù accomodations, half a night is free. All you have to do is send your booking’s request via the contact form below.

If you wish, we can meet again on social networks: we will tag each other and I will be glad to find the hashtag #mezzanotteperte among your memories. I sincerely hope that you will find in Vayadù a space to regenerate, inspire and restart.

Floriana, owner of Vayadù, hands her guests the key to their room in Alassio.