Regenerate in Liguria: Vayadù gift card gives new life

Welcome! Here you can buy a Vayadù gift card, to give as a present or treat yourself to an entry ticket to one of my houses in western Liguria.
Giving time in a space designed to be regenerative is the equivalent of giving new life, silences in which to find and recognize yourself, or shared moments to remember how lucky we are to be together.

Wondering how to do it? You have two options:

You can use the contact form below: choose from the drop-down menu the symbolic amount to be given or given to you and pay it immediately by credit card. Don’t forget to leave me your details and those of the person who will receive your gift, together with a special message for her.
I will deliver it to her, together with the voucher, which will then be discounted from the total cost of the stay.

Or you can write to us at, indicating the space and time of the year you would like to give as a gift. You can pay for the entire stay in advance by bank transfer, leaving the recipient free to decide when to leave.
In this case too, you can send me your e-mail contact and a special message to be delivered together with the voucher… and thus ensure a beautiful surprise.

Una foto di Floriana, fondatrice e titolare di Vayadù, in un momento di gioia e spensieratezza. Rappresenta il tempo rigenerante di una casa vacanza Vayadù-