Spazio Vayadù: a concept store that becomes a journey into feminine craft.

“…And woman I will try to express My inner feelings and thankfulness For showing me the meaning of SUCCESS…” John Lennon   Our world in a concept store near the Budello in Alassio Vayadù is a brand that can be breathed into the spaces of its holiday homes. Since its foundation, I have always dreamed […]

Holidays in Alassio: 5 happy places for an Easter by the sea

“Nel blu dipinto di blu Felice di stare lassù E volavo, volavo felice più in alto del sole Ed ancora più su Mentre il mondo pian piano spariva lontano laggiù” Domenico Modugno   Of all the expressions linked to this holiday, the Italian saying “felice come una Pasqua” is my favourite one, because it speaks […]

The western Ligurian cycle path and springtime for women

Floriana, the soul of Vayadù, smiles as she gets on a bike she rented in Ospedaletti and sets out for the cycle path of the Riviera dei Fiori coastal park.

“…In piedi, sorella, in piedi E vai a prenderli quei desideri E digli chi sei e chi eri Le parole sfonderanno i muri…” Elisa When the beaches empty out, nature reigns once again and the Alassio seafront becomes a huge space to be discovered. It is the end of a season and the beginning of […]