Hi, I'm Floriana.

In my hands, holiday homes and guest houses become retreats for your relax.

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Portrait of Floriana, owner of Vayadù, as she works at her desk and turns to the lens smiling.

Vayadù was a dream of hospitality and sharing.

When I started imagining this project I didn’t know yet that it would be called Vayadù Vayadù, but I knew that I wanted to transform places into atmospheres to welcome other women in search of time and space. I wanted to do this by bringing my passions to these places, to spread inspiration.

Vayadù was born from this dream, cultivated over time by an enterprising and firm spirit.

My world is a pastel-coloured rhythm

Vayadu is a meaningful name for me, but you won’t find it in a dictionary. It is a word that reached me when my dream was becoming a project. And still today it refers to rhythm, freedom and new departures…

In the hands of a creative team, it became a pastel-coloured logo: powder, as a tribute to femininity and dance that is in my heart mint and forest green, to honour the nature and its seasons milk white, which reminds me of a pampering and of a blank page for writing a new story.

The claim “Home for holidays, rhythm for inspirations” came along with the logo. Because Vayadù spaces were created to find rhythm and inspiration. And the right rhythm for me is the one that makes me dance.

Portrait of Floriana, owner of Vayadù, as she stands cross-legged on the beach in Alassio in a contemplative attitude.

A female team

Meeting my guests is such a joy that I would like to welcome them all personally. When they decide to come back, it is like hugging an old friend.

But Vayadù has grown over time, and with it my wonderful team. These women are the greatest resource for Vayadù and I thank them all.

From Langhe to Alassio with love

Langhe has always been my home. I am lucky enough to live among hills sorrounded by vineyards, by the scent of wine and truffles. Just few steps from enchanted villages, centuries-old castles and legendary wineries.
I grew up here, but when I need to relax I look for the sea. And so Alassio, the beach when I was a child, has become my place of the soul.

In my hills I opened the doors of the first Vayadù house, but it is on Riviera di Ponente that this project has taken its deepest roots.

The blog ‘Around with Flo’ is a tribute to the poetry of these Riviera, which I have always known and which never cease to inspire me. It is an invitation to stroll together and discover the treasures of each season.

Floriana, owner of Vayadù, stops to admire the ceramic tiles on the Muretto in Alassio while out for a walk.
A glimpse of the Alassio promenade. In the distance we can see the figure of Floriana from behind, who is jumping for joy.


Freestyle cultivates wonderful relationships with those who are close to Vayadù, even when they are far away. With those who have been my guests, with the women I met or simply with those who sit and watch the sky next to me.

This newsletter has the slow rhythm of old-fashioned correspondence: it arrives every two months, but it is full of the desire to share, like a letter from a friend.
I will tell you about new awareness, the changing of the seasons and what is happening in my corner of the world.

I will never stop waiting for you and from here you will always know when there is a special occasion to join with me.
It will also be a way for you to never miss my latest blog post and to be inspired by a dance step… a passion that always beats within me.

Two handcrafted ceramic cups resting on a low table in one of Vayadù's holiday homes. They represent a gesture of welcome.

I like working with…

Vayadù spaces are designed to welcome, regenerate and inspire.

I like working with people who seek well-being in small rituals, who love small gestures and words spoken in a whisper.
I welcome people of all cultures and traditions with interest, and I love working with people who respect mines.

I like talking with the people I meet, also on the web. If you would like to communicate with me too, do not hesitate to use the form below. I will happily answer you within 48 hours.